Our bouldering room has recently been upgraded to nearly 200 sq. meters of climbing surface.

  • With a gravity-testing Arch
  • 30% overhangs
  • Multiple 3D volumes and routes from floor to ceiling at heights all under 4.5 meters.
  • Climbers are not roped in but must climb and traverse the walls.
  • This area is open unsupervised for adults and teenagers only.

Due to the riskier nature of the sport, participants must undergo an induction process to become a member and climb regularly. 


  • One hour instruction on our climbing wall and bouldering walls.
  • Includes rules and etiquette of using the facility
  • Warm up exercises, tips on climbing techniques
  • How to use auto belays, belaying and top roping.
  • Fun Games
  • Great for building confidence

Under 18’s must always be accompanied by an adult.

Call us on 051 325097 for more information on our club.


Pre Booking Essential

10.00 pp

Under 18’s Must be accompanied by an Adult. Adults are reminded that they will be required to go through the induction process to gain an understanding of bouldering.
Pre-Booking Essential
Youth Climbing Club – Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday (See below for timings)

40.00 pp per term.

Each term is 6 weeks. Term highly recommended for progression with fitness & technique.
  • Wednesday – Under 10 yrs 3.30 to 4.30 pm & Over 10 yrs 4.30 to 5.30 pm
  • Saturday – Under 10 yrs 10.00 to 11.15 am & Over 10 yrs 11.15 am to 12.15 pm
  • Sunday – 5/6 Yrs 9.15 to 10.00 am Under 10 yrs 10.00 to 11.15 am & Over 10 yrs 11.15 am to 12.15