February 2017 - Activate Waterford

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Thinking of trying a new hobby but just don’t know what to try?

Well panic not, because we’ve got just the thing to keep everyone happy!!

The team at Activate are delighted to announce the launch of our new Skating Programme which will run every Saturday morning, from 11-12. Classes are open to all ages and all abilities. So whether you would like to learn to skate yourself, or would like to ensure your child learns to skate responsibly, all the family are welcome.

We recently welcomed Tabitha to our team to work alongside our resident roller champ Andy. Tabitha brings with her an extensive knowledge of all that is roller related! Andy and herself will combine their know how to help us make the most our roller rink, and enable it to be used for more than just a birthday party activity. They have big plans for the future and hope to share and pass on their passion for roller with both young and old.

Starting this Saturday, March 4th we will be running skating lessons on our roller rink. The classes are for people of All ages and All abilities. Classes will run for 6 weeks and will take place Thursday evenings 7pm-8pm and Saturday mornings 11-12.

Prices are as follows:

Pay as you go classes; €9 per person

Block book 6 weeks classes; €45 per person

Bring a buddy and block book: €75 per pair

Call us to book your place today!