Week 1 of Activate Easter Camp

Week 1 of our Easter camp was a roaring success, for all involved!
After a busy week of Art and Crafts, Baking, Nerf, Climbing and Talent Shows we decided to make Friday our Treat Day.
Our cute little campers were greeted Friday morning with Baby Chinos, followed by a sneaky little impromptu disco in our soft play. Once all the bosses went on their errands, we cranked up the music to the max and rocked our little socks off.
For a change, the weather outside was fab so we seized our chance, and had Sports Day out on the green. We finally got the use of our snazzy new Parachute too!
After an action packed day, we had a little visit from the main man himself, The Easter Bunny, who hand delivered the certs for our Sports Day Participants (Notice how we had no winners?? We’re all about the taking part!)
Then last but not least the kids got treated to Hot Chocolates as our parting gift for the week.
We were sad to see them go,they made work an even more amazing place to be this week, we are all secretly little kids at heart and love an excuse to be silly.
So a massive thank you to everyone who made camp so much fun.
Hope to see you all soon.


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