November 2017 - Activate Waterford

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On Saturday 18th of November, Santa arrived at Activate Waterford to make sure that all was in place for all the families that will be visiting him over the next number of weeks. We managed to sit down with Santa (With the help of Mrs. Claus) to ask him a few questions about being at Activate and also the build up to Christmas.

Activate Waterford – “Its great to see you again Santa”!

SANTA – “Its great to be back in Waterford and its great to be here in ACTIVATE”.

A.W. – “You first visited Activate back in July, that visit was to make sure you had enough room for your log cabin… How has it worked out”?

SANTA – “I couldn’t be happier”! (even though Mrs. Claus’ living room is bigger than my cabin …he chuckles) “It really is an amazing experience. Myself and Mrs. Claus walked through the whole thing on Saturday with Ryan Hunt & Bernard Deegan”. “We started at the bottom of the amazing staircase that is dressed with beautiful lit garlands, we reached Santa’s archway and proceeded through the golden gates, where we were visited by Mr’s Claus Living Room (this is where the families will meet Mr’ Claus and here some festive stories) After this we then walked past two Nutcracker soldiers into the Santa Experience….what a sight, truly wonderful”. Surrounded by snow covered trees, my sleigh and reindeer (and not forgetting my coal yard and some surprises) we eventually reached my cabin”. “I sat in my chair to make sure it had enough cushion on it”. Did you know the last chair I used didn’t, which gave me a very sore bottom”. (You’ll be glad to know that there was plenty of cushioning…phew!)

A.W. – “What comes after the cabin”?

SANTA – “Well, this was my favourite part”! “Mrs. Claus had to drag me from it, because it’s filled with fun and games”. “But also, kids will meet other kids and they can share stories, talk about what Santa is bringing them for Christmas and also maybe make new friends”.

A.W. – “Is that the end of Santa Experience”?

SANTA – “Are you kidding me”? “After spending some time in the activity area, you will be called to come and visit the Elves Workshop, where you get to pick your toy”. AMAZING!!

A.W.  – “It sounds like you are very happy with the effort ACTIVATE went to making sure all the kids have a memorable time”?

SANTA. – “Oh I am, I couldn’t be happier”. “It makes my job so easy knowing that the kids will be having fun and making memories with their families before and after they meet with me”.

A.W. – “I know you are very busy, how are things going with making all the toys and will you be on time”?

SANTA. – “Couldn’t be better”! We are ahead of time and my head elf, Bernard has everything in control”.

A. W. –  “It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and Mrs. Claus and I hope you enjoy your time at ACTIVATE”?

SANTA – “Thank you”!

A.W. – “One last thing”, “How do I book”?