October 2018 - Activate Waterford

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination, a new normal that has evolved from generation.

I know its hard to believe that we would be talking about anything relating to Christmas in October (especially with Halloween just around the corner), but when the main man himself turns up to check out Activate (And not forgetting a game of bowling and mini golf) we had to sit down and have a chat.

A. W. – “Welcome Santa”! “Its fantastic to see you… but why have you visited us “?

SANTA – “Its great to be here!! I am currently on my holidays in Tramore, I visit every year. While I was here, I asked Ryan Hunt & Bernard Deegan if it would be ok to pay a quick visit to ACTIVATE to make sure there would be enough room for my cabin and not forgetting all the presents, for when I visit officially for the month of December”, Plus Bernard owes me 5 Euro from from losing Mini Golf last year.

A.W. – “Ah That explains it!?

SANTA – “Ah yes”! “The weather has been so fantastic and there is no better place to be, when the sun shines. However,  I couldn’t be in a better place. The staff are so friendly and along with all the activities to choose from (Bowling, Roller Skating, Mini Golf, Climbing, Laser Tag & Soft Play) I couldn’t be happier coming here in December, I’m actually looking forward to playing the Laser Tag when I return”.

A.W. – “You didn’t get a chance to do a bit of climbing then”?  “Would this not be good practice for all the chimneys you have face on the 24th of December”?

SANTA – “I didn’t have time on this visit, but I have magic dust that helps me out with all the chimneys I have to deal with”.

A.W. – “How are all the preparations going for Christmas 2018”?

SANTA – “Couldn’t be better”! “We are actually a couple of weeks ahead on the toy production line, which is fantastic as I gave everyone at the North Pole a weeks holiday”.

A.W. – “I know you’re on your holidays and I don’t want to talk about work, but I have to ask, (as all the kids in the South East will want to know) when are you going to be here at ACTIVATE”?

SANTA – “Well, we will be having our launch on the 30th of November,  and then its busy, busy with all the kids that are already booked in to see me from the 1st of December”.

A.W. – “How can parents arrange to see you”?

SANTA – “I have been assured by Ryan & Bernard that you are able to book online at www.activatewaterford.ie (BOOK HERE) or over the telephone on 051325097  or even by dropping in and booking with one of the amazing friendly staff”.

A.W. – “Santa, I just want to say thanks for taking some time out (on your holidays) to visit us, and answering my questions, it was amazing meeting you”! (My kids are going to be very jealous)

SANTA – “It was a pleasure, it was great meeting all the staff again and I’m looking forward to working along side them again in December”. Now! where is Bernard ? I have to collect my winnings from last year”!