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On Saturday 18th of November, Santa arrived at Activate Waterford to make sure that all was in place for all the families that will be visiting him over the next number of weeks. We managed to sit down with Santa (With the help of Mrs. Claus) to ask him a few questions about being at Activate and also the build up to Christmas.

Activate Waterford – “Its great to see you again Santa”!

SANTA – “Its great to be back in Waterford and its great to be here in ACTIVATE”.

A.W. – “You first visited Activate back in July, that visit was to make sure you had enough room for your log cabin… How has it worked out”?

SANTA – “I couldn’t be happier”! (even though Mrs. Claus’ living room is bigger than my cabin …he chuckles) “It really is an amazing experience. Myself and Mrs. Claus walked through the whole thing on Saturday with Ryan Hunt & Bernard Deegan”. “We started at the bottom of the amazing staircase that is dressed with beautiful lit garlands, we reached Santa’s archway and proceeded through the golden gates, where we were visited by Mr’s Claus Living Room (this is where the families will meet Mr’ Claus and here some festive stories) After this we then walked past two Nutcracker soldiers into the Santa Experience….what a sight, truly wonderful”. Surrounded by snow covered trees, my sleigh and reindeer (and not forgetting my coal yard and some surprises) we eventually reached my cabin”. “I sat in my chair to make sure it had enough cushion on it”. Did you know the last chair I used didn’t, which gave me a very sore bottom”. (You’ll be glad to know that there was plenty of cushioning…phew!)

A.W. – “What comes after the cabin”?

SANTA – “Well, this was my favourite part”! “Mrs. Claus had to drag me from it, because it’s filled with fun and games”. “But also, kids will meet other kids and they can share stories, talk about what Santa is bringing them for Christmas and also maybe make new friends”.

A.W. – “Is that the end of Santa Experience”?

SANTA – “Are you kidding me”? “After spending some time in the activity area, you will be called to come and visit the Elves Workshop, where you get to pick your toy”. AMAZING!!

A.W.  – “It sounds like you are very happy with the effort ACTIVATE went to making sure all the kids have a memorable time”?

SANTA. – “Oh I am, I couldn’t be happier”. “It makes my job so easy knowing that the kids will be having fun and making memories with their families before and after they meet with me”.

A.W. – “I know you are very busy, how are things going with making all the toys and will you be on time”?

SANTA. – “Couldn’t be better”! We are ahead of time and my head elf, Bernard has everything in control”.

A. W. –  “It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and Mrs. Claus and I hope you enjoy your time at ACTIVATE”?

SANTA – “Thank you”!

A.W. – “One last thing”, “How do I book”?





On the 22nd of October, Activate hosted the first round of the Youth Climbing League. With over 50 kids participating the event was a great success. A big thank you to Damien O’Sullivan from Mountaineering Ireland, for his route setting, and guidance before, during and after the event. Not forgetting ACTIVATE’s climbing instructors Rachel & Catherine for all their hard work on the lead up to and during the event.

But the real winners on the day were the “kids”! An amazing turn out and fantastic support shown by their families. With “Team Activate” featuring in the majority of the results, the future looks extremely promising for climbing in Waterford.



Parents don’t forget we are hosting our fun, action packed camp during mid term. Our camp commences on Tuesday 31st of October and runs until Friday 3rd November.

Each day the camp starts at 9.30 am and runs to 1.30 pm. With a huge range of activities and games, we guarantee to return your kids happy, safe and also very tired!

Booking is essential and spaces are limited so please book in advance.

For more information please contact us on 051 325097


[social_warfare]At Activate, the walls are covered in holds. Each colour represents a route or bouldering “problem.” When you’re on a route, you can only put your hands and feet on holds with the same colour.  Then follow the route up the wall to the highest hold of that colour, and that’s the finish. This is what makes climbing in the bouldering room fun. When you look at a wall and see over a hundred holds on it, you challenge is to figure out how to climb a route that might only use six.

To finish the route you have to figure out creative ways to extend your reach and build your grip strength to hang on to small holds. Sometimes you finish a route on the first try, sometimes it takes 20 tries or more. But each time you climb you get better and that progress is addicting. Many of you already know this but I know that my first time at the climbing gym, I had no idea what was going on until someone explained it to me.

Eventually, after a couple months or so, what happens is you’ll find that you’ve climbed all the routes within your skill level and you’ll crave some new challenges. Most likely everyone else feels the same way and that’s when it’s time to reset the holds.

When we reset the routes, we don’t just reset the tape, we unscrew all the holds and create new problems one by one. The person responsible for this reset is none other than Ricky Bell, one of Ireland’s best climbers (check him out here )

When a reset is complete, you’ll still see new problems pop up from week to week. The walls will fill in more with routes of various difficulty levels. Soon, points will displayed on each route which gives you an idea of how hard it is. If your looking for your next route to tackle and don’t know where to start, just ask someone. Everyone is friendly here.


Activate Waterford has it all when it comes to activities. We are Waterford’s number one destination for bowling, climbing, laser tag, Kids Parties and roller skating. We have over 25ooo square feet of fun activities. Why go anywhere else, when Activate can offer almost 10 activities under the one roof!

We have an amazing team who really go that extra mile to make sure you have a memorable time!

ACTIVATE are currently seeking to recruit a highly motivated Cook/Chef.

As a member of the ACTIVATE team  the successful candidate will deliver premium quality food to our customers and at the same time ensure the kitchen is well maintained to the highest of standards. The successful candidate will work alongside a professional team with sociable planned working hours hours.

Role: Cook


  • Support the team in maintaining excellent standards.
  • To carry out the relevant work delegated through management.
  • Prep, cook all food for customers.
  • To ensure all HACCP procedures are followed to the highest standard.

Desired Requirements:

  • 1+ years culinary experience in a busy kitchen environment.
  • Qualification in culinary skills desirable.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Passionate about culinary standards and presentation.
  • High standard of hygiene.

All applications/Cv’s should be directed to Ryan Hunt via post or by email at

On Friday the 10th of November (between 7.00 pm and 10.00 pm) Activate will host an Emergency Services climbing competition in aid of an amazing cause… “BUMBLEance”

BUMBLEance is Ireland’s National and the World’s first interactive ambulance service designed specifically for children.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced climber or a complete novice, whats important is raising essential funds for an amazing facility and having great fun with your friends/work colleagues.

About the comp:

  • Teams will consist of 4
  • There will 10 bouldering routes
  • Speed climbing
  • Entry Fee 40 Euro Per Team
  • Register your interest by contacting



I know its hard to believe that we would be talking about anything relating to Christmas in July, but when the main man himself turns up to check out Activate (And not forgetting a game of bowling and mini golf) we had to sit down and have a chat.

A. W. – “Welcome Santa”! “Its fantastic to see you… but why have you visited us in JULY”?

SANTA – “Its great to be here!! I am currently on my holidays in Tramore, I visit every year. While I was here, I asked Ryan Hunt & Bernard Deegan if it would be ok to pay a quick visit to ACTIVATE to make sure there would enough room for my cabin and not forgetting all the presents, for when I visit officially for the month of December”.

A.W. – “That explains the tan then”?

SANTA – “Ah yes”! “The weather has been so fantastic and there is no better place to be, when the sun shines. However, unlike today when the weather is the way it is (Absolutely pouring down) I couldn’t be in a better place. The staff are so friendly and along with all the activities to choose from (Bowling, Roller Skating, Mini Golf, Climbing, Laser Tag & Soft Play) I couldn’t be happier coming here in December, I’m actually looking forward to playing the Laser Tag when I return”.

A.W. – “You didn’t get a chance to do a bit of climbing then”?  “Would this not be good practice for all the chimneys you have face on the 24th of December”?

SANTA – “I didn’t have time on this visit, but I have magic dust that helps me out with all the chimneys I have to deal with”.

A.W. – “How are all the preparations going for Christmas 2017”?

SANTA – “Couldn’t be better”! “We are actually a couple of weeks ahead on the toy production line, which is fantastic as I gave everyone at the North Pole a weeks holiday”.

A.W. – “I know you’re on your holidays and I don’t want to talk about work, but I have to ask, (as all the kids in the South East will want to know) when are you going to be here at ACTIVATE”?

SANTA – “Well, we will be having our launch night on the 17th of November, I then have to head back to the North Pole for a short time but I will be back for the month of December”.

A.W. – “How can parents arrange to see you”?

SANTA – “I have been assured by Ryan & Bernard that you will be able to book online at, over the telephone on  or even by dropping in and booking with one of the amazing friendly staff”. (Bookings have not yet opened)

A.W. – “Santa, I just want to say thanks for taking some time out (on your holidays) to visit us, and answering my questions, it was amazing meeting you”! (My kids are going to be very jealous)

SANTA – “It was a pleasure, it was great meeting all the staff and I’m looking forward to working along side them in December”. Now! where is Bernard and Ryan? I have to collect my winnings, they owe me €5.00 as I beat them in bowling”!

Our new state of the art Laser Tag system has finally arrived. You can count the number of days its been with us on one hand, but its already turned into a huge success with kids and their families.

We spent a lot of time researching into the best system that would suit our customers, Beagara offered this.

The Begeara laser system is simple to operate and easy to use. Begeara uses a phasor only, meaning valuable time is saved because players don’t need to put on (or take off) a vest. You can run more games with very little disruption to the fun being experienced.

The Laser system from Begeara is packed with features to keep players and happy. With the fabulous GLOWING PHASORS, listen to the pack play “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to the birthday child, and see scores displayed on both the phasor and the GIANT LED SCOREBOARD.

The primary focus of Begeara is simplicity. Begeara is so easy to use, anyone can operate it.

Begeara delivers great game play and also loads of FUN!

For more information or to reserve your laser party or maybe take it on a trial run (Public Laser) call 051 325097 today.